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All entries are completed using online excel spreadsheets uploaded to your clubs Dropbox. If you have not got a Dropbox from BTSAI, please contact to have one set up for your club. Inside there is a general video instruction available to assist with entries. 

Closing dates for entry forms received and fees paid must be adhered to. Generally, forms must be complete on the 10th of the month preceding the competition, with fees paid by bank transfer 14 days before the competition, however these will be stipulated on the form. An extenuating circumstances form can be completed to extend the entry deadline, which will be treated individually.

Media release forms must be completed by each athlete or their parent/guardian before entry, this should be done by members as part of membership application, and non members will do this prior to the event.

Only those who purchase video passes may take photo or video as this is a requirement under child protection policy. They can be purchased before hand or on the day.



While the only guidance for costume is keeping within a sport, recommendations include but are not limited to:

Basic/T strut: Simple leotard/shirt with straps or sleeves with or without skirt, shorts or trousers

Military/Ret’ L: leotard or uniform should be simple/plain– hats are allowed.

Fancy: Non-obstructing costume bearing in mind this is a sport.

Solos: No additional guidance

Pairs: No additional guidance, but should be the same or similar to one another

Teams & Groups: No additional guidance, but should be the same or similar to one another

No costume which may be deemed inappropriate, indecent or offensive, or contain offensive wording or symbols will be allowed, and the athletes may be disqualified from that event. 

No props or removable accessories are allowed. Hats, hoods, and gloves that cover the fingers are not allowed.

Shoes: Coloured or white dance shoes are acceptable – no runners. Socks or tights are permitted.

Make up: just to enhance natural features, not required or expected to be worn, glitter should be avoided and nothing can be affixed to the skin.

Hair: Neatly tied up in short pony or bun if long and should not obstruct face. Hair attire should be minimal

Jewellery: No jewellery other than simple studs is allowed in the ears.

Baton: Should be approximately the size of the athletes arm with or without tape. Tape should not occupy more than one half of the baton shaft.


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Music cn found in your club Dropbox

Contact if you experience difficulty

All struts are performed to BTSAI background strut music which is played on a loop

Struts music tempo varies very slightly throughout and should be well practiced by the athletes to ensure keeping in time at any point they may perform it. 

If the music stops during the performance, the athlete must also stop.  When the music re-starts the athletes must continue from the point at which he/she stopped, ensuring that no extra counts are executed.

Technical exceptions are made for athletes in primary struts and divisions up to and including 7 years of age. 

Solo 1,2 and 3 baton, artistic twirl and artistic pair use WBTF/BTSAI set music played individually using a set system. Solo 1 baton is 1 minute 12 (indicated by a crash following a lead up of 3 beeps) for all levels other than A and Elite where the entire music is used.

Freestyle, freestyle pair, team and group all use the athletes own music which must be submitted to Dropbox by the closing date and named as prescribed. CDs, tapes or phones are not accepted as means to play music.  Time permitting, a short music test can be conducted during the Saturday of competition or at the club directors request. The athletes will not be permitted floor time during the music test.

Prescribed labelling of music example is below. Music files include .wav and .mp3, other formats will not be accepted. 

Set Number from running order_name_club_event

  • 10_chloe hayden_GBT_freestyle
  • 42_aideen and tara_NST_pair
  • 99_shrek_3Cs_team
  • 101_revolting children_IBT_group


  • Solo: 1 minute 12 for all levels other than A and Elite where it full length of music
  • 2&3 Baton, Artistic Twirl & Pair: Full length of prescribed music
  • Freestyle & Freestyle Pair: Up to Junior - 2:00, Senior and above 2:00-2:30
  • Team & Group: 1:30-3:30 (A and elite should be 3:00-3:30)

There is a 10 second lee-way on all events except for prescribed music where the athlete may finish 10 seconds before the end, however any content that is begun after the music is complete will not be judged. 









It is expected that athletes are in the correct level for their age, and this is based on BTSAI grades which are available to members. 

  • Primary (first year of competition)
  • Level C (following first year of competition)
  • Level B1 (Intermediate level)
  • Level B2/B International (International/European Cup level B)
  • Level A (Advanced level, International/European Cup level A, World and European Championship competitors)
  • Elite (Champion level, World/European Finalist)
  • All ages are the age of the athlete on 31st December of that year.
  • BTSAI operate a discretionary merging or splitting of ages at these competitions for the benefit of the   athletes and organising committee.
  • Single athlete sections will be avoided by the organising committee

All ages are the age of the athlete on 31st December of that year.

  •  BTSAI operate a discretionary merging or splitting of ages at these competitions for the benefit of the athletes and organising committee.
  • Single athlete sections will be avoided by the organising committee and ages may be merged
  • Ages in large sections will be split at competitions as necessary (see below)

     Age Divisions                                                                 Competition Age Divisions                         

  Pee-Wee (PW) 0-4 years                                              Pee-Wee (PW) 0-4 yrs

Juvenile (Juv) 5-7 years                                               Juvenile (Juv) 5-6 yrs and 7 yrs

Pre-Teen (PT) 8-11 years                                               Pre-Teen (PT) 8-9 yrs and 10-11 yrs

Junior (Jun) 12-17 years                                               Junior (Jun) 12 yrs and 13-14 yrs and 15-17 yrs

Senior (Sen) 18-21 years                                              Senior (Sen) 18-21 years

 Adult (Ad) 22 years +                                                   Adult (Ad) 22 yrs +


All judges have passed BTSAI judging exams for the event and level they are judging, with many also being WBTF certified

  • Aisling Hayden
  • Auveen Lynch
  • David Doyne
  • David Hayden
  • Dawn Smyth
  • Jennifer Howard
  • Julie Hanna Conroy
  • Linda Yeates
  • Melissa Raymond
  • Natasha Maher
  • Rose Doyle
  • Sarah Sexton
  • Sharon McNamara
  • Susan Troy

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Struts Specific judging

The judges place athletes in order of excellence without giving an individual score. There is no minimum number of athletes to be placed.

It is at the judge’s discretion to complete a final round through ‘picking’ athletes, and to the number of times the athletes complete a circuit individually or in groups of select or all numbers of athletes.

Reason for disqualification

  • Out of step
  • Incorrect counts
  • Incorrect corners
  • Incorrect holding of baton
  • Drop of baton
  • Wearing jewellery/nail varnish
  • Underwear showing
  • Incorrect lobs if aged 8 and over and not competing in Primary division
  • Illegal or indecent costume – includes any costume badly amended for fitting purposes
  • Incorrect footwear
  • Coaching from the sidelines
  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour
  • Interference with the performance of the other athletes in the division, depending on the severity

All struts and prescribed music events require the athletes to wear their individual competition code number which is available on the set list/running order - it is the club director/coaches responsibility to ensure the athletes correct code is clearly visible during their performance. This number will be subject to change from competition to competition, but is likely to remain the same for the membership year.

  • The judges decision is final.
  • Any complaints or queries regarding judging should be brought to the attention of the contest director by the club director in writing following the competition where it will be reviewed and addressed accordingly. 
  • Where possible, more than 1 judge will be available for all non strut events whereas the judges average score of tabulation will be employed
  • All solo and pair events are scored out of 10
  • Solo,2 & 3 baton, artistic twirl and pair are awarded according to place points when there is more than one judge
  • Team and groups are scored out of 100

Penalties are applied for drops from level B1 upwards

  • 1/10th of a point with the exception of panel judging prescribed music events where it is 0.1 per judge.

  • Content restriction penalties are applied from level C upwards to ensure athletes compete at the correct level

    • 1 point per judge per violation in prescribed music events, and 1 point per violation in all other non team events, where it is 10 points. 

Full results of all final awarded or otherwise places will be made available within 7 days of the competition by email and online


  • All primary athletes receive a participatory medal with top 3 awarded a trophy instead
  • All other levels receive a trophy for top 3, with medals awarded up to one half plus one of the entire division with no minimum number of awards given.
  • All athletes placings are given on final results, scores are not awarded for struts but will be available for other events.
  • Presentation is called in reverse order, in order of age from youngest, starting with lowest division in order that the competition was run